Benefits of Cloud Hosting over other Hosting Types

You may be hearing all the time on the Internet a Word called 'Cloud' Isn't You? Yes right. Then lets discuss on this blog first what is Cloud interms of Hosting Service here.

What is Cloud Hosting?

The term 'Cloud' refers to is a many number of of servers being connected each other or available for use as part of a service. In Cloud Hosting allows you to host your website across several there types of servers which are joined in a cluster or Cloud. Thus the resources required to maintain or operate your website are spread with across many servers.

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The Major Benefits of Cloud Hosting Services:

1. Performance

With Cloud Hosting Server, your website performs absolutely better and up all the time as in Cloud hosting multiple servers are connected and if one server failed to perform there will be always another servers ready to perform and you don't face any website downtime.

2. Scalability

Cloud hosting allows you to utilize more resources compared to shared hosting, Whenever there is an need, you can Instantly utilize up your resources (CPU, Storage, RAM, etc.) and cut back when the demand slackens. In this case, if your website requires any extra resources due to sudden traffic growth, then cloud hosting lets you do it easily. Where as in Shared hosting you need to follow the server restrictions as the server shared with many others too.

3. Security

With Cloud hosting, your website will be more secured compared to shared hosting. Cloud hosting servers are protected with high-end security protocols, database protection and applications from common security threats such as malware, DDoS attacks, cross-scripting, etc. So, you can relax from the security threat issues. However, in the shared server, chances of security or threat related issues are increased as the single server is shared with many customers.

4. Cost

Compared to shared hosting, the Cloud hosting is bit extensive. However, you pay for the resources you actually use – and you don't need to use entire resource even if you are not using. Whenever, there is an need, you are allowed to use more resources.

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