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How to Register a Free Domain?

What is a Domain Name? 
Domain Name is an very important factor of a business identity or personal websites or applications. Every business need a Domain name for an identity purpose.

If you’re a business owner, your customers call your business using the Domain names you’ve set already. While domain registration is an important factor or a success of a business, the domain has to be registered with a best domain name provider that makes a lot of sense. There are many factors including features and other stuff to be considered to register your domain name with one of the best domain name providers

How to Register free domain names?

How do I get this Domain names for free of cost? Is there any possibility to book the domain for free? Let's find here:

Yes, There is an possibility to avail and register the domain for absolutely free, however with one condition. That is, inorder to get a domain name, You need to purchase the web hosting space as well.

There are many web hosting provi…